A Critical Role of the Artist Manager is Building the Team Around an Artist


Typically, the artist manager is responsible for building the support team around an artist; the booking agent, business manager, publisher, record label, etc. Pollstar, the leading music industry trade magazine that focuses on live performance, recently interviewed Josh Kline, an agent with United Talent Agency about his career and how he works with artists and their team members. The Artist Management for the Music Business OnLine Course delves deep into the role that the artist manager must play in building the team and how working collaboratively can build the artist’s career.

I really take a holistic approach in the way I work with artists.  I think everything an artist is doing is inseparable.  Especially if it’s an artist who is growing, getting bigger.  All of that information, all of those different revenue streams and different assets are working together even if it’s on a more discrete level. Helping to identify, “This right here is really useful information.  We’re going to need to use this subset of information going forward.” Then we can put more focus on it and make it part of our tool kit.  Using that kind of information, for me in selling a new band, is essential, if it’s an unknown or underground artist.               Josh Kline


Read this insightful interview at Pollstar. To learn more about the Artist Management OnLine Course follow this link.