Artist Management for the Music Business

“Such a quality book. This is even better than the previous editions – if that is possible. Mr Allen hones in on the music business and even includes some GREAT information at the end of the book. (I won’t give it away!) If you are in the industry, this is a must read!!.” P. Taylor, Amazon. com

How do I get an artist manager to help with my career?             

I can appreciate the frustration of trying to get the attention of someone to listen to your music and to manage your career. I authored this book and teach artist management at universities and I’m often asked the same question you pose.

Briefly, understand that a manager is primarily interested in the commercial viability of your creative work. There are a lot of truly creative people who write, sing and perform very well and they must understand that their creative work must demonstrate that it has the commercial potential to make it worth the time of an artist manager to try to develop.  Professor Paul Allen

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