Artist Management Online Course Student Resources

Chapter 1:Artist Management- Principles, Skills & Traits

Take 6

Pomplamoose: This Band Just Finished a 28 Day Tour and Made How Much?

(Read the article on Digital Music News)

Chapter 2: Understanding the Nature of Artist Management

RIAA 2014 data

Chapter 7: Setting and Achieving Goals – Planning & Budgeting

Artist Showcase Event Plan

Chapter 8: Artist Development/Building a Team for the Artist

Tour Manager Creates the Touring Day Sheet

Independent Music Industry Sets It’s Sights on Playlist: Billboard

Chapter 9: The Big Business of Touring and Live Performance

Jack White Performance Contract

International Association of Theater and Stage Employees

American Federation of Musicians

Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists

League of American Orchestras

Chapter 10: Income from Songwriting

Copyright Registration for Musical Compositions

United States Copyright Office

Chapter 11: Record Label Contracts

Rock Band Record Label Contract (password required)

360° Record Contracts (password required)

American Association of Independent Music

Chapter 12: Conducting Business for the Artist

Preparing for a Business Meeting Presentation

Chapter 13: Developing the Artist Career Plan/Marketing Plan

Take 6 at the University of Miami-Marketing Plan

YouTube Playbook Music Guide

All Access

Friday Morning Quarterback