After the CMA Awards Show Performance, Is Chris Stapleton Making an Impact on Country Radio?

From Saving Country Music.Com

Lo and Behold: Chris Stapleton Is Making an Impact on Mainstream Country Radio

Well, time will tell. This looks like an initial bump based on the awards show, social media, bolstering the case and providing cover for some mainstream stations to add him. Plus “adds” are one thing, significant spins and rotation, a whole other ballgame. I’m skeptical that major market stations will get on the band wagon and move him up in significant rotation. But it will take a long time to see that really impacting playlists. Since a handful of consultants still call the shots I remain really doubtful. Remember these are the same guys that will barely play any credible female artists as it is. I hope it happens I really do. I think the larger question is: “Does mainstream country radio airplay matter that much anymore?” For Jason Isbell and Sturgill Simpson the answer is no. My guess is the same will be true for Chris. These are artists that are core Americana artists with the format committing to them. I remember having a huge argument at a CRS panel I was on about “O Brother…” over basically the same thing. Not sure much has changed since then except Americana proving itself without any help from mainstream country radio.

Jon Grimson

Producer of Artist Management for the Music Business OnLine Course

P.S. Mediabase monitored spins at country radio has already doubled in the first 10 days of November, from all of  October.