Learn the intricate details of touring and managing all aspects of live performance for an artist.

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  • Building a team for an artist.(“We don’t need no stinkin’ team!”)
  • Tour production and hospitality riders. (“No red M&M’s.” and why)
  • Details on international touring. (visas, travel and taxes)
  • Negotiating a Live Performance Contract.(“Yes, we require a deposit.”)
  • Touring budgets (“What, I have to share a hotel room?”)


The technological joy ride that we have been on for more than a decade has brought incredible opportunities for musicians and the music business. Many musical entrepreneurs are now connecting directly with their fan base and finding new and creative ways to monetize their creations as old business models reach their maturity.


A 2010 study released by the Future of Music Coalition shows the diversity of revenue streams that blend to create an income for working musicians. What is significant in this data is the value of live performance to a musicians’ livelihood.


The value of live performance to working musicians is clear, but add to that the infrastructure of our business and it becomes very apparent that live entertainment is the financial engine that powers our industry.


Christopher Palmer


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