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Produced by experienced professionals in the music industry that also have years of academic experience teaching the music business at the graduate and undergraduate level.

How can I get an artist manager to help with my career?

I can appreciate the frustration of trying to get the attention of someone to listen to your music and to manage your career. I authored this book and teach artist management at universities and I’m often asked the same question you pose.

Briefly, understand that a manager is primarily interested in the commercial viability of your creative work. There are a lot of truly creative people who write, sing and perform very well but their work doesn’t have the commercial potential to make it worth the time of an artist manager to try to develop.

What is commercial potential?

Having the likelihood that a lot of people will pay to see you perform and purchase your music. So the artist who can say to an artist manager, “Listen to my music because I play to rooms of 250 people every weekend and I sell 6,000 CDs and album downloads a year,” is the kind of artist who will get an artist manager’s attention. It shows you know how to make money with your music and when you make money your manager does, too.

A potential artist manager needs to know your creative work attracts paying customers and that’s really the starting point for you to make the case for artist management.


-Paul Allen


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